New year… New you?

“This year I’ll focus on work a lot” “This year I’ll work towards my goals” So as you all know its January 2k16 AKA the new year resolution month. We all go through this phase at one time or another when we believe that new year brings fresh beginnings and we will accomplish all our […]

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Important news

Hey all you wonderful people! Alrighty guys so i’ll jump straight to the point! Basically i have decided to change my blogging platform so instead of using WordPress as my main blogging platform i’ll be using blogger.  There isn’t a specific reason for this change, however i thought i should let you all know! I […]

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Wanderlust- An irresistible urge to travel the world I have always been fascinated by the idea of travelling! The fact that I could be visiting places I have never heard or be doing things that I never dreamt of had always created this sudden urge in me to explore places, meet new people, make new friends, live a […]

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There are so many views about Bollywood.. That before you can even explain what Bollywood is you have to explain what isn’t Bollywood  Bollywood is a name for the Hindi film industry in India. Some Bollywood movies include realism which is mixed with fantasy, music and dance. That’s what makes Bollywood so different and Unique!  Bollywood […]

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What to wear on a night out?

So you have an event planed out? Wondering what to wear on the night? Here are my suggestions. LBD (Little Black dress) – Whenever I leave home for a night out this is one dress that I wear the most. I have about 20 different styles, and they’re a life saver when you cant find […]

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Nail Polish Summer Trends

Flame Orange- ” If coral was last summers to-go Flame orange is 2014’s answer.” Lust Teal- This colour offsets a tan perfectly so if your skin is tanned this is a must for you. Cherry Red- The colour is a classic for a reason: It looks great on every skin tone and adds just enough […]

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