10 things every girl should own.

1. A black Blazer- Its classic clothing item that every girl should own. I love to pair up blazers with jeans, dresses or even skirts. Make sure you get a well fitted one.

2. Statement Necklace- The statement necklace can make a basic outfit look strong and feminine.

3. A Little Black Dress- Every Girl should own one. Its a must. Find one that fits perfectly and pay attention to detail- an interesting sleeve, an embellished belt is what makes it unique.

4. Classic Pump: Every girl needs a go-with-anything pair of pumps.

5. Chic Flats: I thinks this one needs no explanation!

6. A classic Hand Bag- Its perfect for an every day look and makes your outfit stand out. Invest in a good quality one.

7. Skinny Jeans- Go for a slightly high-rise-style to give the illusion of longer, slim legs and stick to a true blue wash that will go with everything.

8. Leather Jacket- Go ahead and splurge for this outerwear essential. You can wear it all year round.

9. Sun Glasses- Bright frames are cool and offer a playful touch, no matter what the season is.

10. Bright Cross Body bag- For all those times when a tote bag is too big and a clutch is too small, the cross-body bag is just right. In an attention-grabbing colour, the portable handbag looks stylish.

(Hi Guys! So basically this is my first post and if you guys have any feedback please do comment. Also If you have any suggestions for my next post please comment and let me know. Don’t forget to like this post.)


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