Nail Polish Summer Trends

Flame Orange- ” If coral was last summers to-go Flame orange is 2014’s answer.”

Lust Teal- This colour offsets a tan perfectly so if your skin is tanned this is a must for you.

Cherry Red- The colour is a classic for a reason: It looks great on every skin tone and adds just enough punch to an outfit without going overboard.

Classic Nudes – Consider nude nail polish the manicure world’s greatest hit. Try colours like beige, light pink etc.

Opaque white- This colour has made its mark. Whenever I walk around the streets in Melbourne most of the people would be wearing this colour. It compliments almost all skin tones and offsets a tan perfectly.

If you’re planning to go for a manicure try nail arts that stand out and give that summer vibe. Try all sorts of designs. Experiment with colours and patterns. Play around with the shape/length of your nails.. and don’t forget to have fun!

(Hey Guys so this was my second post. If you have any suggestions for my next post don’t forget to comment. Also please give me your suggestions on how I could improve my posts etc. Thanks for reading guys. I’ll upload my next post shortly.)  


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