What to wear on a night out?

So you have an event planed out? Wondering what to wear on the night?

Here are my suggestions.

LBD (Little Black dress) – Whenever I leave home for a night out this is one dress that I wear the most. I have about 20 different styles, and they’re a life saver when you cant find that “perfect” dress. I recommend pairing up a well fitted LBD with a statement necklace or earrings, perhaps even a statement clutch. Personally I would either wear a statement necklace or carry a statement clutch throw in a pair of pumps, add a Bold lipstick, or gloss and you’re ready to go.

LBD Outfit #2

Another outfit that always works is- A black crop top with black leather pants/black skinny jeans. If its a hot day you can wear a black skirt (that would look even better) .A red jacket makes the outfit standout add in a pair of heels or even flats would make the look. Try and keep the lips more of a light shade. Try a light pink lipstick or just some gloss would do.

You can also try paring a black/dark blue jeans with a shimmering top. Since it would be night time the top would stand out and shimmer. Try different colours (I would prefer gold, silver,black or even white. I like neutral colours when it comes to stuff that glitters.) A pair of flats or heels would look good, to add to the look keep your makeup subtle but make sure your lips look bold.

Casual Look- So you’re just going to the movies.. or perhaps just a casual outing. Whatever the reason maybe if you’re willing to look chic but casual continue reading.

For this look I like to wear some skinny jeans and I like my shirt/top to stand out. Try colours that suit you (Personally I prefer the top to be glittery in a neutral colour like cream or brown.) Another look that looks fab is the one in the image below, A tank top and a blazer that glitters certainly looks chic and casual.  Keep the lower half plain and the upper half more catchy. Add a statement earing/clutch and a pair of flats. Subtle makeup and heaps of gloss. Voilà! You’re ready to go!


Party Look- Whenever I go to Parties I almost always wear dresses. If you’re going to a party pick a dress that fits perfectly and hugs your figure. A LBD would do the trick or any other dress that you feel comfortable in. Keep the makeup subtle and either play up your eyes or lips. Never should you play up both. If you’re playing up the lips opt for a bright and bold lipstick. If you’re playing up the eyes put on tons of mascara and some dramatic eye shadow. But don’t go overboard unless you’re going to a Halloween party and you want to look scary. Add a statement necklace or earrings and heels would look perfect. Don’t forget that clutch though.

27 Great Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas

(Hi all you lovely people! So did you guys like this post? Please do comment your feedback below.. and any suggestions for improvement. If you have any ideas for my next post do comment :)



16 thoughts on “What to wear on a night out?

  1. It is quite a thorough post, I agree, nice job. I’ll hit ‘follow’ now, and please feel invited to visit my blog too. Fashion is one of my topics, so I would appreciate a fellow fashionista’s follow back. 🙂

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  2. You asked for corrections (you don’t need to approve this in your comments dear) so I will just hit what I would do to make this stand out even more.

    I’m going to assume that your first sentence was meant to be “So you have an event planned out” not
    “planed” you need an extra N in there

    To make the sub sections stand out a bit I personally would put the words “LBD-Little Black Dress; Casual Look; Party Look” in bold type so they stand out and grab the eye. Your pictures are WONDERFUL and everything else looks great. (and I want to steal your earrings and bags?)

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  3. Hey! Devangana, being from fashion background and the one who loves to read all about it…I feel your blog so far seems to be loosing the spark.
    Your idea are super cool but some fancy work with photoshop or corel draw will help you put up these photographs in a likable format and give an edge to it.
    The blogs on fashion advise needs more grooming than any else, so yeah little work on the presentation and YOU ARE GONNA ROCK THE FASHION BLOGGING WORLD.
    Keep updating :*

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