New year… New you?

“This year I’ll focus on work a lot”

“This year I’ll work towards my goals”

So as you all know its January 2k16 AKA the new year resolution month. We all go through this phase at one time or another when we believe that new year brings fresh beginnings and we will accomplish all our goals. However this isn’t always the case.

Have you ever had that sudden burst of inspiration at  and you just go like

“I’ll work on this tomorrow”

And by the time its tomorrow and you think of doing a certain task you feel like you have lost the inspiration/motivation that came to you from within.

So perhaps instead of waiting for a certain day to come by, Start fresh today! Make a change, make a difference today. Why wait? If you really do want to achieve something, go ahead and do it now. Work hard and make your dreams come true, You are who you are, a certain day in the year wont bring much change… New year wont bring a change! Only you can bring a change, the power is in your hands.

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~ Devangana Sharma 


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